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It's a tough choice, but it has to be done… ... See MoreSee Less

Its a tough choice, but it has to be done…

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Keys to brewery. I’m not a big fan of IPAs (though admittedly I’ve not had the chance to try this one). I would take great comfort in having access to all the Ruby and Gold I want.

Keys to brewery. I'm fine with giving up the IPA if I could have infinite Ruby!

It's an easy choice; IPA is awful. I'd be drinking the Ruby.

Keys to the brewery, so I can show you how to make beer that doesn't taste of toffee and twigs dissolved in pondwater...

Since the IPA tastes awful I'll have the keys to the brewery and drink the original hobgoblin

Keys to the brewery. Thence proceeding to brew better beer than Hobgoblin IPA.

There's still gold ruby and king to have I'll go for the brewery keys..

I don't drink the IPA😁. I stick with the gold , ruby & king goblin 😎

Give me the keys, I’ll drink the king goblin 👍👍👍

I often drink my Hobgoblin from a mug, and if I pour it, its always perfect. It would appear I won this competition in a past life.

Unlimited ruby. That will do. The IPA isn't good

If you create a mug that holds an actual pint then 1 I'll buy that mug and 2 I'll happily have that perfect pint in that perfect pint sized mug. But then the ramifications of having a pint of coffee in that mug at other times of the day might be very very dangerous.

Keys to the brewery. Ruby and King Goblin are the best.

Yep mug of IPA for me... you can sling the King (might be an unpopular opinion but it's too malty for my tastes, good job everyone's different and has their own tastes). Cheers all 👍🍻🍻🍻

I grew up near the brewery. Was down the road from my high school, walked past it in the morning and could smell the hops in the playground some days aha. My mate’s dad worked there so would bring back crates for us quite often. Also local pubs got barrels fresh so the pints were always ace. What I’m saying is I’ve had some of both choices so don’t feel the need to choose. But if I did it would be perfect pour from a mug!

Keys and the kegs to the king goblin please

I'll take the keys. Plenty of other good beers to consume.😁

Easy, I'd take the key... I personally can't stand IPA 🤮

I would drink it out of a frying pan rather not drink my hobgoblin

Keys to the brewery please. Don't like the IPA But if you'd have said King Goblin ......

Keys to the brewery, desk at the side of the tun room, mug on desk, a pint doesn't have to be perfectly poured, but the aromas of the room.....

Keys,hate ipa so would drink all the Ruby treasure 😆 cheers 🍺🍺🍺🍺🍺🍺🍺🍺🍺

I will have the keys. I love IPA but there are lots of great ones out there.

Definitely the keys cos I can still drink gold

I'll have it in my mug ,😎

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Phil S. is drinking Hobgoblin Legendary Ruby Beer (3.75)
Phil S. is drinking Fire Catcher (3.75)
Владос С. is drinking Hobgoblin Legendary Ruby Beer (3.75)
Guybrush T. is drinking Hobgoblin Gold
at Янтарный Клуб in Хабаровский край (3.5)


Question: Do you enjoy Ginger Beard more if you're ginger? 🧑‍🦰🤔 📸: @thebeerbox.gdl.guadalupe
@hobgoblinbeer - 18 hours ago
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